WordPress Tutorials

Basic WordPress Tutorials

For individuals getting started creating themes with WordPress. You should know how to setup and manage a WorldPress website. These tutorials focus on creating and modifying WordPress themes.

  1. What’s New and Exciting in WordPress 4.1
  2. Video: PHP Tags in WordPress
  3. Creating the Starting Files for Your WordPress Theme Framework

Advanced WordPress Tutorials

These WordPress Tutorials are for individuals who have a reasonably good knowledge of creating WordPress themes and want to advance their skills to include more advanced skills such as using WordPress Actions, Hooks, and Administration options.

  1. How To Create Your Own WordPress Shortcodes - Shortcodes are a very powerful feature of WordPress. In essence a shortcode is a placeholder for some other content. A well-known shortcode is the built-in gallery shortcode. Just type into the WordPress editor and it will be replaced by a gallery of images taken from media uploaded to the post.
  2. Fifty Actions of WordPress - In this series, you're going to go through actions, one of the two kinds of WordPress hooks. Over the course of the series, we'll cover almost everything there is to know about actions.
  3. 10 Useful WordPress Functions You Might Not Know About - WordPress is full of great functions for us developers to use. We can pull post lists out of thin air, manipulate almost everything about them, grab any user we wish and display their social media connections in a jiffy.
  4. The Beginner's Guide to WordPress Actions and Filters - When it comes to professional WordPress development, it's imperative that developers understand both actions and filters - that is, it's important to understand WordPress hooks.
  5. Adding Action Hooks to Your WordPress Theme Framework - In this tutorial you'll add some action hooks to your template files, which you'll then attach functions to in the next tutorial. After that, you'll add some filter hooks. The advantage of creating action hooks in your framework is that any content you attach to them can easily be overwritten by functions in a child theme or by plugins. This saves you creating duplicate template files in your child themes and gives you more flexibility.
  6. How Theme Frameworks Actually Work - Theme Frameworks can be extremely powerful. For non-technical WordPress users, they make it possible to create a unique site which looks like it's running a bespoke theme, and for WordPress developers they can help you apply the DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principle and give you the ability to build custom sites fast.

WordPress Books and Videos

The Tao of WordPress, Digging Into WordPress and WordPress Themes In Depth
Absolutely the best books you can get on WordPress Design - the Tao, Digging and Theme bundle is a great value. (We are not affiliated with them, we just love their books)

Learn How To Create A Website

Whether your looking to learn about web design as a career or are looking to learn web design to create a website for your business, organization or personal project we have a great collection to web design tutorials and courses ready for you to learn with. These web design videos are free and available online for everyone to view. Click Here to view our web design tutorials on Youtube

Our web design tutorials will teach you how to use HTML and CSS to design website and how to use tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft Expression to create and publish websites. Each of our web design courses is a step by step guide to publishing a website, using our website templates as learning projects - you actually see us create a website from beginning to end.

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